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As the kids run circles around the house after the third day of Charleston County Schools being closed after our state’s historic weekend flooding, I was happy to see the UPS guy appear with a package from Framebridge. Months ago, I played around with what to frame on this site and put some things in a shopping cart without ever committing to them. (Do other people do that?!) Finally, last week, I uploaded a couple of iPhone shots from our work-and-play weekend in Maine, and it turned out to be perfect timing. A life boat and a sunset were just what I needed to see today!

(More importantly, my friends in Columbia are truly in need of clean water and sunshine, so I made a quick donation for the flood victims while watching the news and emergency-related Twitter feeds this morning. It’s easy to donate at this Red Cross link:

Framebridge service is great, choosing the perfect frame on their site is easy, and my art was securely packaged and efficiently delivered. Excuses and good intentions are now a thing of the past, and with the holidays coming up, I encourage you to give it a whirl and visit, where you can upload images for them to print and frame in a snap. Maybe you have art or photos in your to-do pile that need to be transformed into wall art. Framebridge can handle this too, and will mail you packaging to ship your art to them for framing. See what I mean? Make that gift or treat yourself to a piece of cheer by liberating those pixels from your phone and displaying something ooh-and-ah-worthy.

Hop over to, and use my special referral code to save ten bucks: CAROLINAPHOTOSMITH10

It’s easy to display your photos with Framebridge. Upload images straight from Instagram, or for clients who have wedding photos on flash drives or digital files downloaded from Pixieset, you can upload from your laptop or desktop, too. Try on different frame styles, choose the size, and the price includes shipping. Easy, peasy!

Stay tuned later this month for some other ways to display your photos. We are all taking more pictures than ever, so get some fresh picks onto your walls!


Luke Skywalker and Pepper (he was too cute to call Darth Vader) are loving their virtual visit to Maine. I chose the Bali frames for these two Instagram shots. To see more from our Maine weekend, check out this post. And this fantastic Kennebunkport wedding was the reason we headed up there. Thanks for visiting, and please tell your friends to reach out when they’re looking for a wedding or portrait photographer who enjoys field trips and road trips. I hope you’ll recommend or share this post with anyone who has gobs of great photos stuck in their phones and needs to save ten bucks!


Finally. It’s mid-September, and we’ve scored a few days worthy of shutting off the AC and flinging open windows. The touch of cool is like a summer day in Maine, making it a fine time for sharing this fantastic fete in Kennebunkport. Teal was flawless in her striped gown, and Evan, along with his best buds and brothers, looked dapper in their navy and reds. Teal raised the bar for DIY brides, finding creative ways to use their custom monogram, sewing dozens of navy striped tablecloths, and enlisting Evan to lacquer lobsters gold for the cake table. It was a supremely coordinated affair! Delectable food, a magnificent cake, a dreamy setting, fun-loving people and the rocking band made for the perfect Maine wedding.

A little backstory: long before Teal became my husband’s co-worker and ages before Evan worked with his dad and brothers to knock out a renovation on our Brady Bunch-era house, these two have been a couple. Their families and friends were thrilled to see them finally exchange vows and star in celebrations from South Carolina to Maine. Cheers to the Chipleys!


Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith008Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith001Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith002Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith003Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith004Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith006Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith007Deep breath and a touch of bubbly through a straw to relax this gorgeous bride at Kennebunk River Club. © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith034Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith009Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith010Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith011

Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith012Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith033Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith013Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith014Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith015Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith016Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith017Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith018Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith042Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith019Maine bride in striped gown with ring bearer in lobster tie with Lego ring box © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith022Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith025Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith020Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith021Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith031Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith026Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith028Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith041Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith038Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith039Jubilant newlyweds recess from their wedding ceremony at Kennebunk River Club. © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith024Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith054Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith046Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith043Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith047Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith048Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith049Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith050Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith051Awesome wedding reception dancing at the Kennebunk River Club. Maine wedding. © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith052Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith053Barefoot boys at Maine wedding at Kennebunk River Club. © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith058Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith059Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith061Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith062Newlyweds in June at Kennebunk River Club. © Carolina PhotosmithKennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith045Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith056Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith057Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith060Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith065Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith066Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith063Kennebunkport-Maine-nautical-wedding-Carolina-Photosmith064

Thanks so much for choosing me to document your day! A big thanks also to my first-rate second-shooter, Rachel Buckley, who is based in Portland, Maine and makes gorgeous photographs. Finally, thanks to Teal and her mom, Jane, and all these vendors for making this such fun to photograph:

Gown Boutique of Charleston, Kennebunk River Club, Sash Bridesmaid Boutique, Murray’s Toggery Shop, Studio 41 (hair), Cottage Breeze Spa (makeup) Kitchen Chicks Catering, Fleurant, Let Them Eat Cake, Mike Benjamin Band, K&R Bagpiping, Tory Burch Sandals. Needlepoint hats on the groomsmen are by Harding-Lane.

Like this funtastical and beautiful Maine wedding? I hope you’ll recommend this post and encourage your friends to include Carolina Photosmith in their search for a great wedding photographer. Thanks, y’all! Oh, now that you’ve seen my workday in Kennebunkport, you can check out how my husband and I spent our playtime in Maine. I love to combine work and play!


We had a blast at this dreamy Folly Beach engagement session on the “edge of America.” Usually the end of Folly Beach with views of the Morris Island lighthouse is packed before dusk with multiple photographers jockeying for position and clear backgrounds. I loved that the fog ran everyone off, and we had the place to ourselves! (Added bonus: I picked up Roadside Seafood‘s awesome shrimp tacos on my way home. Soooo good.) Sarah & Eric’s October wedding is fast approaching, and Eric’s been teaching Sarah to dance. I can’t wait to see the results! Meanwhile, I hope Sarah’s having a extended birthday celebration all weekend long.

fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-002fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-003fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-004fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-006fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-007fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-008fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-009fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-005fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-010fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-011fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-012fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-013fun-foggy-Folly-Beach-engagement-session-014Fun, foggy Folly Beach engagement session. © Carolina Photosmith

Thanks for visiting. Hope you’ll recommend this post and tell your friends to reach out when they’re researching wedding photography. In other news, I have a few more September openings for family photo sessions, so e-mail me if you’d like to secure a spot:


I recently photographed a fun family around historic Charleston when they were in town on vacation. They hadn’t had family portraits taken in ages, and they figured it was time since their oldest daughter is starting her senior year. With all the trends in senior photography right now, I thought it was worth presenting another option from the full-blown magazine-style senior sessions that are having a moment. If you’re the type who takes pride in getting a great deal, then this combo session might be your best family photography value. And it doesn’t involve overzealous Grouponites or newbie Craigslist shooters building their portfolio. Instead, it’s tried and true portraiture with money left over for brunch with the family and a little King Street retail therapy.

Maybe you think $1000-$1500 is a bit exorbitant for more senior photos — especially since most students are still required to pose for the old-school senior portraits at their school. Or if you’re at all like me, maybe you prefer to see your offspring’s true personality (giggly, pensive or anything in between) in a portrait instead of a poetic pout inspired by celebrities and velvet-sofa-sitters on social media. As it turns out, most 17-year-olds are pretty skilled at doing their own makeup (thanks YouTube!), so investing in a dream team of experts to prep your daughter for a fashion shoot isn’t a necessity for documenting the here and now. As for who could really use a makeover, I’d say busy moms could benefit more from that than beautiful teenagers on the cusp of independence. But that’s just me. (Or is it?)

Enjoy this glimpse of a family wandering the streets of city they love. I think their photo session money was well-spent on documenting the family and The Senior. Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.

Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-015Fun and relaxed Charleston family photography near Waterfront Park. © Carolina PhotosmithCombined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-006Sisters and Charleston window boxes. Family portraiture © Carolina PhotosmithSisters who dance like pink and black architecture. Charleston family photography by © Carolina PhotosmithEasy, breezy family photography in historic Charleston, SC. © Carolina PhotosmithCombined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-011Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-010Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-005Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-013Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-012I love this one of Ava. Her big sis encouraged her to keep those braces hidden, but I managed to capture her full smile in a few images.Combined-family-and-senior-session-in-historic-Charleston-014

If you’re looking a few fun images instead of a model’s portfolio, I hope you’ll reach out. And check out senior sessions of Mackenzie at the beach and Meredith downtown — they did their own hair and makeup, too!


So this was fun! Lara & Chris enjoyed a gorgeous spring day for their outdoor ceremony overlooking the marsh during their Daniel Island Club wedding. The bride and her friends looked fantastic in their varied shades of aqua and mint, and the guys looked handsome in their khaki suits. Gracious families, fun-loving friends (and die-hard football fans of Penn State and the Georgia Bulldogs), an elegant setting and loads of dancing made this a memorable day. We’re all glad Chris was able to (finally) break that glass at the end of the ceremony so everyone could enjoy cocktails and dinner. Congratulations, y’all! I’ve loved getting to know you.

Beautiful aqua bridal party with gowns from Bridals by Jodi at Daniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding-001Elegant Daniel Island Club bride in Maggie Sottero gown from Bridals by Jodi. © Carolina PhotosmithThe bride adores her new husband as he toasts and makes everyone smile. © Carolina PhotosmithAqua bridal party with hydrangeas. Dresses by Mori Lee at Bridals by Jodi. © Carolina PhotosmithElegant-spring-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-PhotoDaniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding-005Bride reads card from her almost-husband. Daniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding. © Carolina PhotosmithGroom takes a deep breath as his bride-to-be walks toward him during first look at Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithElegant-spring-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-PhotoDaniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding-008First look for bride-to-be at Daniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding. © Carolina PhotosmithSweet moment during pre-ceremony portraits as the couple see each other before the outdoor ceremony at Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithNewlyweds at elegant Daniel-Island-Club-outdoor wedding. Charleston wedding photography © Carolina PhotosmithDaniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding-012 © Carolina PhotosmithDaniel-Island-Club-outdoor-wedding- party in aqua and khaki. © Carolina PhotosmithDaniel Island Club bride shares a moment with her ring bearer and flower girl. © Carolina PhotosmithGroom and his buddies have a toast before croquet on the lawn at the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithDapper groom and his guys enjoy a bit of croquet with cold beers before the Daniel Island Club outdoor wedding. © Carolina PhotosmithHere comes the bride at the Daniel Island Club. On her dadThis flower girl rationed her petals during the aisle walk and kept tossing them throughout the ceremony. Bravo!Diligent flower girl continues to toss petals during the ceremony. Awesome wedding moments. © Carolina PhotosmithAqua bridal party and brideGlass wonA couple of stomps only made the glass roll away, but the crowd cheered when it finally crumpled beneath the napkin.Finally glass breaks and he can kiss the bride. Whew! Funny wedding moments by Carolina PhotosmithA post-ceremony toast in the garden of the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithAqua wedding party at the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithFun-loving wedding parties are my favorite. Aqua on the marsh at Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithNewlyweds are jubilantly received in the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithNewlyweds first dance at their Daniel Island Club reception. © Carolina PhotosmithChris takes his mom for a spin on the dance floor. Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithBoth dads were awesome toastmasters at the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithHydrangeas and ferns adorn this marshside wedding arbor by Out of the Garden at Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithHappy newlyweds at Daniel Island Club beneath rustic wedding arbor. © Carolina PhotosmithGorgeous wedding arbor by Out of Hand in Mt Pleasant, SC, at Daniel Island Club ceremony. © Carolina PhotosmithA song and a twirl for his girl on the boardwalk of the Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithNewlywed portraits at Daniel Island Club © Carolina PhotosmithNewlyweds in front of Daniel Island Club © Carolina PhotosmithHilarious wedding moments often ensue with cake cutting. Daniel Island Club. © Carolina PhotosmithThe bride adores her new husband as he toasts and makes everyone smile. © Carolina PhotosmithGirlsNewlyweds leave Daniel Island Club in Rolls Royce. © Carolina PhotosmithNewlyweds leave Daniel Island Club in Rolls Royce. © Carolina Photosmith

Many thanks to all the talented people who came together to make this such a great day:

Makeup | OOH! Beautiful
Hair | Swish
Venue | Daniel Island Club
Gown | Bridals by Jodi (Designer Maggie Sottero)
Bridesmaid Dresses | Mori Lee at Bridals by Jodi
Suits | Joseph A. Bank
Ceremony Music | Charleston Virtuosi
Florist | Out of Hand
DJ and Uplighting | Epic Charleston
Wedding Coordination | OOH! Events

If you like the photos from Chris and Lara’s beautiful wedding day, I hope you’ll recommend this post and tell your friends to reach out when they’re looking for a wedding photographer.