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We recently enjoyed a magnificent Maine weekend escape combining work and play. My husband’s gorgeous co-worker married a great guy, who, along with his brother and dad, spent some months on our home renovation. Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of photographing this ultimately preppy Kennenbunkport wedding. I took a break from editing it on my birthday and sifted through my iPhone snaps to whip up a little recap while it was still fresh in my mind.

My kids were excited to host their Winston-Salem cousins, and my brother and his wife were kind enough to move in for a few days and drive six kids around town. Since my daughter didn’t attend Camp Cheerio this year, I named this zany gathering after another cereal, which now has its own hashtag: #campfrootloop. We flew into Portland, Maine, after a quick connection in Atlanta, scooped our rental car and made the 15-minute trip to downtown as it was approaching dinner time. Months ago, I’d looked for interesting accommodations in Portland and couldn’t really find anything. Some historic hotels seemed a bit run-down, and since I don’t get out much, I was hoping for something beyond the typical chain options. Wedding season started, and when I finally revisited hotels, a new boutique one had just opened in May. The Press Hotel was perfect! Housed in the former newspaper offices of the Press-Herald, it was fresh and funky and perfectly situated a short walk from good eats, cool cocktails and cute shops in Old Port.


Portland_Maine_OldPortFestival © CarolinaPhotosmith003

Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith011Yummy shampoo, chocolates at bedtime and fluffy robes. Fans of the written word might agree The Press Hotel is fontastic!Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith001

The hotel restaurant was buzzing and looked appealing, but I had my eye on Central Provisions, just a couple of blocks toward the waterfront. What a fantastic meal! We had a short wait, just long enough to check out the downstairs bar and order yummy welcome-to-vacation cocktails. Then we tucked in to our table in the small and bustling upstairs and sampled several amazing small plates, including the most amazing roasted cauliflower ever, delicious gingered beef, asparagus en croute, a little halibut on a lemony aioli and an out-of-this-world key lime tart with a dollop of whipped cream and lime zest. It was all crazy good!Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith002

Locks of love like those in Paris? It’s Portland, Maine, y’all.


After dinner we needed to walk for a while, but I was sidetracked when I spotted the ferris wheel, which had just been set up for the weekend’s Old Port Festival. Took in a sunset from the whirligig, did a little window shopping and stopped in Sonny’s, which looked groovy and just happened to be rated best in town for its cocktails. The buildings in this area reminded me of Pioneer Square in Seattle. The ice cold cucumber gimlet I had was so good and as herbal tasting as a freshly mowed lawn, but better.Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith006Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith007Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith008

Nothing like a grainy sunset selfie before the Old Port Fest in Portland, Maine.

Although we didn’t have time for ice cream this trip (I’ll be back, Nutella! And Blueberry Basil Sorbet! And Girl Scouts Gone Wild!), we walked down the hill to The Holy Donut the next morning. Never mind there were only two of us, we had to sample a variety, and six fit in the bag so well.Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith009Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith010Window shopping: we didn’t stick around long enough for the gallery to claim my cash, and I managed to escape the coastal kitchen store despite liking everything in it.Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith016Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith012Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith005Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith013

That was all she wrote for Portland, so the valet scooped our car and we hopped in, leftover donuts in hand, and headed 15 minutes north so the hubby could check out L.L. Bean. Ever seen bored men flipping through magazines, waiting not-so-patiently for their wives to finish shopping? This was the opposite. But I watched an albino trout swimming instead. (Of course, there were plenty of solid options for anyone wanting to fill shopping bags, but I didn’t need a thing, except to get out and inhale salty air.) Next stop, Cape Elizabeth.
Maine escape. Quick stop at L.L. Bean in Freeport. © CarolinaPhotosmithPortland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith014

After taking in the view from the pristine park by the Portland Head Light, our sugar energy had vanished and it was time for a lobster roll. I weighed the options of best taste, best value and best view, and chose the latter, while Pearsall drove us to Two Lights. It was heavenly, just like the view! Finally, on to Kennebunkport to check in to our dreamy splurge, the Cottages at Cabot Cove. Then it was time to amble over to the Kennebunk River Club for the wedding rehearsal.Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith017Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith018After the ceremony run-through, we spun through town, which was bedecked in signs wishing Barbara Bush a happy 90th birthday. Scooped up a bottle of pinot noir at the wine shop and took it back to our cottage to rock on our porch. (Trust me, I will be well-suited for old age, whenever it comes.) Later we ate some dinner at David’s KPT and called it a night. The next morning, our breakfast was delivered and hooked outside our door. A warm baguette, creamy cheese, strawberries and sunshine in a carafe were just what we needed before our little waterfront tour. The communal bikes were all spoken for when we checked, but the tides were perfect for a morning paddle from Cabot Cove into the Kennebunk River. The water is so clear! Blues, greens, and of course, boats were plentiful. From the Secret Service inflatable docked by the Bush’s Fountain, to lots of lobster boats and my fave crackly red vessel, they were well documented by my trusty iPhone, which thankfully didn’t take a dive.Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith019Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith020Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith022Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith021Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith023Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith025Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith024Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith027Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith032Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith026

After kayaking, we walked into town, ate lunch in the sunshine at Arundel Wharf, picked up a coffee mug, ran into some Charleston people and then it was time to gear up for the wedding festivities. Oh, for anyone who follows me on Instagram, you might have seen me label watery posts with #seastheday. I guess this store thinks that’s a clever phrase, too!

Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith028Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith029Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith030Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith031Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith033Portland_Maine_CarolinaPhotosmith034It was a whirlwind weekend full of fun! The wedding was fantastic, the setting was perfect, the band was rocking and the food was phenomenal. And if you’ve never heard of a crafty bride who sews her own striped tablecloths, assembles her own invitations and matches it all from her striped grosgrain to striped gown, well, you’ll just have to see the next bit of Maine I share in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of fresh, humidity-free air as we head into July. I hope you’ll reach out with the links below if you’re interested in photography or leave a note with your fave spots in Maine. I’ll be going back sooner rather than later.

Okay, one shot from my big girl camera. Perfect coordination, right?! And I love the peek of the seated boy’s legs poking into the edge of the frame.

Nantucket reds and navy bridesmaids at Kennebunk River Club wedding. © Carolina Photosmith


I’ve been shooting more than blogging these days, but I hope to catch up this summer with sharing fun weddings from St. Simons Island, Georgia, to Kennebunkport, Maine. Meanwhile, you can hop over to see some of Shelley and Andrew’s DeBordieu affair, which was recently featured on The Wedding Row Grand Strand.

It’s always nice to spend a little time in a place that is special to my clients. In addition to hanging out at the bride’s DeBordieu home, a quick stop at the groom’s man cave was an added bonus! Andrew is the third member of a wonderful family whose wedding I’ve had the privilege of photographing. Like his siblings, he has found the perfect mate. Congratulations, y’all!

Something blue at elegant spring DeBordieu Club wedding reception © Carolina PhotosmithFor more DeBordieu beauty from this family, see Shelley & Andrew’s engagement photos, his sister Liz’s DeBordieu wedding, and Liz and Andrew’s reception by the beach club. I hope you’ll reach out using the links below. Happy summer!


With my fifth wedding of the season coming up Saturday, my queue is chock full of loveliness, so I’m taking a quick break from editing to share some portraits of Natalie. She recently married her Scottish hubby in an Atlanta garden, but I was so glad she and her mom and her multi-talented friend made the trek to Charleston for her Boone Hall bridal portraits. Natalie works at the Atlanta History Center, so it was fitting to photograph her in a breathtaking location full of history. We even wrapped up the session with a few shots downtown near their hotel. Enjoy!

Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-001Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-002Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-004Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-003Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-005Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-006Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-007Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-009Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-008Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-010Historic-Charleston-bridal-portrait-Carolina-PhotosmithBoone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-011Boone-Hall-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-012If you’re swooning or are ready to book your own Boone Hall portrait session, I hope you’ll recommend this post and reach out using the link below. Thanks, y’all!


If the pollen count is the true indicator, spring has finally arrived in Charleston. So even though this may seem a little late (ahem), it’s actually the perfect time to share one of my favorite spring weddings. This was featured on The Wedding Row last year, but it is high time to add this charming historic Charleston wedding to my own blog. Sarah and Trey lived here for a time when they were both working at Boeing, but now they’re in a new phase of their lives, far from the Lowcountry. They used to live downtown, and we had a fun, chilly day for their engagement session. I hope these photos will be a special reminders of their time in Charleston. Trey and Sarah are charming and kind and make a great couple!

What I remember most about their wedding day is their love of family. There wasn’t a frenzied pace to the festivities but intentional connections, like when Sarah chose to give her bouquet to her grandmother rather than toss it to her friends. Sarah also did a wonderful job making her vision come to fruition with plenty of personal touches and design elements, including her vintage book collection, homemade mints and her own calligraphy. I think it’s her Instagram profile that touches on the fact that she’s a grounded free spirit, a mix of modern and old-fashioned. That might be one reason can’t get enough of the portraits in the church stairwell — she’s sporting her Frye flats and rocking Renaissance lighting. I love that she sported a fun fishtail braid before the braid craze took over. And I think I noted this before, but if she and her sister were to ever launch a skin care line, buyers would line up in hopes that a potion would give them the same glow as these gorgeous Iowa girls. Continued best wishes to Trey and his bride!


spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-018spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-001spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-002spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-003spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-004spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-005spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-006spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-007spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-008Exhchanging vows at First Baptist Church of Charleston. © Carolina Photosmithspring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-009spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-Old-Exchange-Carolina-Photosmith-002spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-010spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-011spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-012spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-Old-Exchange-Carolina-Photosmith-001spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-013spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-Old-Exchange-Carolina-Photosmith-003spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-Old-Exchange-Carolina-Photosmith-004spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-014spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-015spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-016spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-017spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-019spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-020spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-021spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-022spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-023spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-024spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-025spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-026spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-027spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-028spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-029spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-030spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-031spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-032spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-033spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-034spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-035spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-036spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-037spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-038spring-wedding-historic-Charleston-First-Baptist-Carolina-Photosmith-039

Thanks to all the vendors and talented industry people who helped make Sarah & Trey’s wedding such a lovely day to document and celebrate!
Church | First Baptist of Charleston
Reception | Old Exchange Building
Gown | Martina Liana at Gown Boutique of Charleston
Hair and Makeup | Charlotte Belk
Maid of Honor Dress | J. Crew
Wedding Coordinator | Kala at MOD Events
Flowers | Charleston Flower Market
Cakes | Sugar Bakeshop
Transportation | Old Towne Carriage

Reach out using the links below, and check out more of my wedding photography. Thanks!


It’s been too long since I shared a fun family photography session, so let me fix that. I met the Lane family at a wedding last fall, and they were due for photos with their just-turned-one baby girl. Since her actual birthday bash too busy for the hostess to also wear a photographer hat, a quick wardrobe change on portrait day ensured we didn’t let that milestone pass undocumented. Speaking of wardrobe, Lindsay’s clothing choices were casual, coordinated, and the texture of her top and the cheetah prints were perfect for the colorful backdrops of historic Charleston.

Mother’s Day is coming up, so consider rallying the troops for a spring or summer session at a park, along the beach, ambling downtown or at an area plantation. I purchased a photographer’s pass this year for the first time in a while, and Boone Hall is a great location for a relaxed family photo session.

Ready to book a session for colorful Charleston family photos or purchase a gift certificate? Please reach out using the link below, to the right of my Jeep. Happy spring, y’all!