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Faceless Friday #5 | Barefoot Bride

This Faceless Friday flashback is from my very first wedding. I had written an article for “Edible Lowcountry” magazine about commercial shrimpers and taken some photos at the docks in McClellanville, which is how I met the bride’s mom, Georgia. For some reason, she thought my pics of fishing boats and salty shrimpers would make for an easy transition to wedding photography. Had it not been for her persuasive manner, Katie and George’s easygoing style, the perfect creekside venue and healthy doses of my favorite color (green), I would have run the other way. Instead, it was the start of something.

This photo is not perfect. It’s cropped a bit tight and a too-slow shutter speed made for some blur. Despite its flaws, I love the moment: her sundrenched locks flowing in the breeze and the satin edges of her gown alongside fraying rope and bare feet. You can catch a glimpse of a young girl even though it’s her wedding day. Good stuff. And hopefully that groundhog got it right. Maybe we’ll all be swinging shoelessly in a few weeks!

Barefoot Bride by Charleston Photographer Carolina Photosmith


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