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Goody No Shoes | Charleston Beach Photographer

Ah, summer! It’s that time again. (In case you couldn’t tell from the triple-digit heat index.) What April was for Charleston brides, June and July are for vacationing families. It’s so fun meeting people who are soaking up a week of salty seaside leisure. Goody’s family is from Rock Hill, SC, and his children live in Charleston and Rochester. The New York crew had an especially memorable week since it was their daughter’s first beach trip. She wasn’t too fond of posing with the clan, but she had big fun toddling all over the sand. I love the doting grandparent shots!

Mount Pleasant, SC couple splashes at the beach with extended family

Toddler escapes from family photo to amble along the sand

Goody and his favorite gals -- toddling granddaughter and wife.

Toddler loves beach life. And it's only her first day with her toes in the sand!

Toddler wrangling can be a challenge at the beach. Sometimes a gal just needs to leave the roost and explore.

In summer, families converge at the beach for seaside reunions and quality memory making.

Baby's first evening on the beach. She had no interest in family photos!

Handsome family ambles down the island boardwalk after their sunset photo session.

If you’re looking for a Charleston beach photographer, contact Jennifer. Even an ordinary day can be momentous!


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