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Leave Nothing Unsaid | Author Head Shots

Last fall, I had the pleasure of taking some head shots for wonderful woman who was developing a book project. She was working with an agency to create a web site and launch plan, and they arranged to take some photos of her in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the images didn’t really mesh with her book vibe. They were very corporate and too reminiscent of her days at IBM. She called and explained her need for photos that were more fresh, colorful and relaxed. (I had taken senior photos of her daughter a year earlier.) Curious, I asked if I could see the images that she wasn’t wild about so I’d know what to steer clear of in our session together. We had a good laugh that the black suit and library background contributed to Jody looking like a cross between Jane Pauley and Hillary Clinton, and she arranged to make a quick trip to Charleston.

Her new workbook, “Leave Nothing Unsaid,” walks readers through steps to write letters of affirmation and encouragement to the people they care about. With the often-maligned February Hallmark holiday still fresh in our minds, it’s easy to see how the heartfelt, handwritten sentiments can be more touching than store-bought ones (although both are enhanced by a lovely bundle of flowers). I wish Jody much success sharing her workbook and teaching her process. I hope you will read Jody’s bio and the backstory on the creation of her workbook. She has so much to give!

Jody Noland created Leave Nothing Unsaid, a workbook that teaches readers how to encourage the people we love most.

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