Anne | Outdoor Senior Portraits

During a spring break visit to Atlanta, I had the pleasure to taking some outdoor senior portraits of Anne, the daughter of one of my mom’s dearest friends. Earlier in the year, Anne had some photos taken by the photographer her school had contracted with. Even though they shot outdoors, the images were taken around midday with the sun casting strong shadows and the hot weather making even perfect skin look … a bit too dewy 😉 In the end, the school photog showed her four portraits to choose from. FOUR!

This was her only year to be a senior, so I’m glad we were able to arrange this session and quickly produce some wallet photos and an image for her graduation party invitation. Congratulations, Anne, and have a great first year in Athens! Go Bulldogs!
Outdoor Senior Portraits by Jennifer H. Smith
Backyard senior portraits by Jennifer H. Smith
Timeless outdoor senior portraits in an Atlanta backyard by Jennifer H. Smith
Casual, timeless outdoor portraiture by Carolina Photosmith
Outdoor portraits in timeless black and white by Jennifer H. Smith
Anne is heading to Athens to cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs