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Meg | Charleston Bridal Portraits

It’s easy to moan about winter — especially when we miss out on sleigh rides through tall evergreens topped with postcard-perfect snow, but I shot several sessions, including these Charleston bridal portraits, in January that would make some people in other parts of the country a bit jealous. We have our share of bare trees, but Charleston also exudes color, warmth and texture even on sweater days. And if you happen to have a gorgeous caramel-colored vintage fur embroidered with the name you share with your grandmother, then it’s even easier to embrace the chilly breezes. Having weathered a few Boston winters, I can definitively say it sure beats shoveling snow!

I’ve photographed Meg’s family for several years, so it was especially fun to meet her at her brother’s house, where her mom and sis-in-law helped her prep for these portraits. It’s a privilege to document such wonderful days with great families!

Allure wedding gown from White on Daniel Island. Dreamy bouquet by Frampton’s Flowers. Dancing shoes fit for a queen by Christian Louboutin.

Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-001Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-002Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-003Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-004Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-005Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-006Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-007Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-008Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-009Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-010Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-011Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-012Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-029Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-014Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-015Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-016Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-017Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-027Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-018Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-019Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-020Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-021Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-022Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-023Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-024Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-025Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-026Charleston-winter-bridal-portrait-Carolina-Photosmith-028If you agree that Meg is stunning, her ring is stellar and that pockets on a vintage fur are something to celebrate, I hope you’ll give this post a thumbs-up! And please spread the word to brides; I still have to primo fall dates available and 2016 is getting active! Thanks for your interest.


  • sherry carbone - absolutely stunning bridal pictures. thank you for sharing photographs of the beautiful bride.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks for your sweet note, Sherry. We had such a fun afternoon making these colorful portraits!ReplyCancel

  • Villa Delia - I absolutely love your post! Nice portraits!ReplyCancel

  • Mercedes - She is so, so gorgeous! That location is sweet and really shows her off perfectly. Such a beautiful set of images.ReplyCancel

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