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Sarah’s Historic Charleston Bridal Portraits

If you’ve been dreaming of ambling downtown streets in your wedding gown, you’re not alone! Some brides (and their moms) prefer they not risk getting a speck of city life on their hemlines before the big day, but a leisurely stroll around historic Charleston in wedding finery can be time well spent, especially with a train spotter to help you keep the lace and tulle off the cobblestones.

I had so much fun with Sarah, who married Eric, the man of her dreams, a few days ago. I met her at Elysium Salon on Market Street, where Meg was wrapping Sarah’s hair and makeup run-through. I helped her into her gown, she slipped on walking shoes (not to be confused with the Jimmy Choo’s she was saving for her wedding day), and off we went. Thanks to Sarah’s Aunt Susie, who served as her wedding planner, but also our florist and chauffeur for portrait day.

Sarah found her gorgeous gown at Fabulous Frocks.

Walkabout with Sarah for her historic Charleston bridal portrait. © Carolina Photosmith007-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-008-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-009-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-010-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-011-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-012-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-013-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-014-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-015-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-016-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-017-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-018-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-019-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-020-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-021-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-022-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-023-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-024-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-025-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-026-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-027-Sarah-historic-Charleston-bridal-portraits-by-Carolina-Photosmith-

Fall is here, and it’s a gorgeous day for strolling, in a wedding gown or your regular-human clothes. I hope you’ll recommend this post, and thanks for sharing my name with friends in need of a photographer. I’m grateful for fun clients and the opportunity to document special days! Oh, and if you haven’t seen Sarah and Eric’s engagement photos, continue your field trip with a beach visit.

  • alexbee - so stunning & full of character! What a great amount of variety. Obsessed with her pretty veil.ReplyCancel

    • Jen - Thanks, Alex! We covered some ground on our walk, but Charleston backdrops offer so much variety!ReplyCancel

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